MIYAGI Sanami’s seashell decorations at Nago café (Tokyo)

Having lunch at Nago café today, I had the good surprise to meet for the first time a sympathetic Japanese girl named MIYAGI Sanami who made seashell decorations for this Okinawan restaurant in Tokyo. Freelance artist, Sanami just spent a few hours on her creation but doesn’t it add a great touch to the place? These cute Made in Chiba decorations reminded me of artworks I saw on several islands of Okinawa archipelago… Big success!

宮城・沙奈美 (MIYAGI Sanami) with her seashell decorations at なごかふぇ (Nago café, Tokyo, Japan) on 13 February 2014

Seashell decorations by 宮城・沙奈美 (MIYAGI Sanami) at なごかふぇ (Nago café, Tokyo, Japan) on 13 February 2014

Note: I enjoyed as usual the delicious Okinawan food cooked by Mr. NASHIRO Tsugumi :)

Special thanks to MIYAGI Sanami for the nice chat in Japanese and for allowing me to use her photo.



  • MIYAGI Sanami = 宮城・沙奈美, NASHIRO Tsugumi = 名城・嗣巳.
  • Nago café = なごかふぇ, Tokyo = 東京.
  • Okinawa archipelago = 沖縄諸島 (Okinawa-shoto).

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