Welcome foreigners! project

Free documents to support Japanese people welcoming foreigners

Since June 2014, I am preparing Inner Japan Web pages and printable PDF documents to support Japanese people welcoming foreign visitors in Japan. These documents should help staff at ports and airports, train/subway stations, bus/ferry terminals, taxi companies, hotels and ryokans, B&Bs and homes (for homestay), restaurants and bars, coffee shops and teahouses, convenience stores, supermarkets, departments stores, souvenir/gift shops, specialist shops, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, museums and galleries, movie theatres, police stations, hospitals… Foreigners’ life, work and travel in Japan should become easier and more enjoyable :)

To start, I am listing sentences in Japanese with translations in English and French languages to use at souvenir/gift shops and restaurants. I then plan to focus on holy sites (lucky charms, goshuin…) then transportation and lodging. The PDF documents will be available online for free on this “Welcome foreigners!” project page.

If you wish to make Japan a better place and to help with the promotion of Japan, its culture or local events/activities, You are welcome to contact me to discuss the next steps of this new project!

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