New project: Free documents to support Japanese people welcoming foreigners

I am preparing Inner Japan Web pages and printable PDF documents to support Japanese people welcoming foreign visitors in Japan: staff at ports and airports, train/subway stations, bus/ferry terminals, taxi companies, hotels and ryokans, homes and B&Bs, restaurants and bars, coffee shops and teahouses, convenience stores, supermarkets, departments stores, souvenir/gift shops, specialist shops, temples and shrines, museums and galleries, movie theatres, police stations, hospitals… Foreigners’ life, work and travel in Japan should become easier and more enjoyable :)

To start, I am listing sentences in Japanese, English and French to use at souvenir/gift shops and restaurants. The PDF documents will be available online for free on the “Welcome foreigners!” project page of Inner Japan Website.

If you wish to promote Japan, its culture or local events/activities, You are welcome to contact me to discuss the next steps of this new project!

Nice Brazilian lunch at Churrascaria Que bom!

[Sunday 04 October 2015] Duval Sébastien and one of his Japanese female colleagues savoured a lunch in Tokyo’s Taito ward at the Brazilian restaurant Churrascaria Que bom! for the first time. The buffet had a nice choice of delicious meats and vegetables with good smells. You pay this lunch food per weight (plus drinks) {how much per 100g?}, which is great to avoid waste and is a fair way to customers!

Anti-smoking law, smoking spots & fun non-smoking signs in Taito ward

Since 1998, smoking is illegal on the streets of Taito ward in Tokyo city (fine: ??? yens) except at designated spots. Fun “non-smoking” signs on the pavement inform pedestrians in English and Japanese :)

平成10年から、東京都台東区で、決めたスポット以外、路上喫煙禁止だ(反則金:???円)。歩道にある面白い英日「禁煙」標識は、歩行者に知らせる :)

Photo: Designated smoking spot. 喫煙スポット

Photos: Fun street signs in English and Japanese. 英日「禁煙」

Aquariums, submarine elevator & light at Saizeriya Don Quijote Korakuen

Sébastien Duval likes Saizeriya Don Quijote Korakuen shop in Tokyo city because:

  • Customers see beautiful aquariums at street level and ride a fun submarine-themed elevator before entering.
  • Big windows make this family restaurant very luminous.

寿春・セバスチャンは、東京都サイゼリヤDon Quijote後楽園店が好きだ。理由は:

  • 入る前に客さんは、一階で綺麗な水族館が見れて、面白い潜水艦風エレベータに乗る。
  • 大きい窓の蔭で、此のファミリーレストランがとても明るい。

Photo: Aquariums. 水族館

Photo: Submarine elevator. 潜水艦風エレベータ

Photo: Luminous window (from inside). 明るい

Photo: DS with Saizeriya logo visible (holding menu). 寿春・セバスチャン

Miyamoto Shoko in Tokyo: recommended by Sébastien Duval

The specialist of Japan Sébastien Duval recently noticed the shop Miyamoto Shoko in Tokyo’s Chuo ward while exploring Ginza area by bicycle. He strongly recommended us this ancient shop near Ginza-itchome subway station because it sells exquisite Japanese-style silverware made by hand in Japan, because its skilled silversmiths include a “living national treasure”, and because it is a purveyor to the Japanese Imperial Household Agency!

You want to know more? Read about Miyamoto Shoko on Inner Japan‘s new page: “宮本商行 (Miyamoto Shoko)“.

Panda Café in Tokyo: recommended by Sébastien Duval

Our favourite travel agent in Asia, Sébastien Duval, just discovered the Panda Café in Tokyo’s Taito ward while exploring Asakusa area on foot. He strongly recommended us this great coffee shop (and restaurant) near Tawaramachi subway station notably for its small terrace, delicious desserts shaped like animals, and exciting room for children upstairs!

Interested? Learn about Panda Café on Inner Japan‘s new page: “ぱんだカフェ (Panda Café)“.

Travel agency in Tokyo: Travel Stand Japan with Yes in Japan

To prepare a business trip or holidays in Japan, I confidently recommend the Yes in Japan services of the Japanese agency Travel Stand Japan in Tokyo because its experienced and reliable travel agents (Japanese and non-Japanese) can introduce you to special places, people, activities, and events. The Yes in Japan team can even help you in English or French when shopping for e.g. green tea, miniature books, kimono dresses, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, kendo armours, and samurai swords!
Beautiful landscape in Japan: Lake on Mount Shirane (near Kusatsu town, Gunma prefecture).

As a manager of Travel Stand Japan, I may even happily guide you in Tokyo and Kamakura, Kyoto and Asuka, Hakone… during personalized private tours including some of my favourite dojos, gardens, restaurants, temples, shrines, teahouses, hot springs, and night spots :)
Peaceful landscape in Japan: Japanese garden in Kyoto city.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly or via the travel agency (ask for Sébastien Duval)!



  • Travel Stand Japan = トラベルスタンドジャパン (Torabelu-Sutando-Japan).