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Nice Brazilian lunch at Churrascaria Que bom!

[Sunday 04 October 2015] Duval Sébastien and one of his Japanese female colleagues savoured a lunch in Tokyo’s Taito ward at the Brazilian restaurant Churrascaria Que bom! for the first time. The buffet had a nice choice of delicious meats and vegetables with good smells. You pay this lunch food per weight (plus drinks) {how much per 100g?}, which is great to avoid waste and is a fair way to customers!

Anti-smoking law, smoking spots & fun non-smoking signs in Taito ward

Since 1998, smoking is illegal on the streets of Taito ward in Tokyo city (fine: ??? yens) except at designated spots. Fun “non-smoking” signs on the pavement inform pedestrians in English and Japanese :)

平成10年から、東京都台東区で、決めたスポット以外、路上喫煙禁止だ(反則金:???円)。歩道にある面白い英日「禁煙」標識は、歩行者に知らせる :)

Photo: Designated smoking spot. 喫煙スポット

Photos: Fun street signs in English and Japanese. 英日「禁煙」

Aquariums, submarine elevator & light at Saizeriya Don Quijote Korakuen

Sébastien Duval likes Saizeriya Don Quijote Korakuen shop in Tokyo city because:

  • Customers see beautiful aquariums at street level and ride a fun submarine-themed elevator before entering.
  • Big windows make this family restaurant very luminous.

寿春・セバスチャンは、東京都サイゼリヤDon Quijote後楽園店が好きだ。理由は:

  • 入る前に客さんは、一階で綺麗な水族館が見れて、面白い潜水艦風エレベータに乗る。
  • 大きい窓の蔭で、此のファミリーレストランがとても明るい。

Photo: Aquariums. 水族館

Photo: Submarine elevator. 潜水艦風エレベータ

Photo: Luminous window (from inside). 明るい

Photo: DS with Saizeriya logo visible (holding menu). 寿春・セバスチャン