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Travel agency in Tokyo: Travel Stand Japan with Yes in Japan

To prepare a business trip or holidays in Japan, I confidently recommend the Yes in Japan services of the Japanese agency Travel Stand Japan in Tokyo because its experienced and reliable travel agents (Japanese and non-Japanese) can introduce you to special places, people, activities, and events. The Yes in Japan team can even help you in English or French when shopping for e.g. green tea, miniature books, kimono dresses, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, kendo armours, and samurai swords!
Beautiful landscape in Japan: Lake on Mount Shirane (near Kusatsu town, Gunma prefecture).

As a manager of Travel Stand Japan, I may even happily guide you in Tokyo and Kamakura, Kyoto and Asuka, Hakone… during personalized private tours including some of my favourite dojos, gardens, restaurants, temples, shrines, teahouses, hot springs, and night spots :)
Peaceful landscape in Japan: Japanese garden in Kyoto city.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly or via the travel agency (ask for Sébastien Duval)!



  • Travel Stand Japan = トラベルスタンドジャパン (Torabelu-Sutando-Japan).

Iriomote to Yubu island: Cross the sea with a water buffalo!

During your stay on Iriomote island, a water buffalo with large circular horns can quickly take you across the sea to visit the botanical garden of Yubu island! It is great fun the first time and there is no way to get sea sick :)

Travel photo 1: Water buffalos ready to go to Yubu island.
Water buffalos on 西表島 (Iriomote island, Japan) ready to go to 由布島 (Yubu island) on 01 November 2008.

Travel photo 2: Tourists crossing the sea in a cart pulled by a water buffalo :)
Tourists in a cart pulled by a water buffalo crossing the sea between 西表島 (Iriomote island, Japan) and 由布島 (Yubu island) on 01 November 2008.

Travel photo 3: Iriomote island seen from behind a water buffalo!
西表島 (Iriomote island, Japan) seen from behind a water buffalo on 01 November 2008.

During my autumnal trip in Okinawa, the driver even played an Okinawan musical instrument “sanshin” during the crossing :) Will you be that lucky too?



  • Water buffalo = 水牛 (Suigyu).
  • Iriomote island = 西表島 (Iriomote-jima), Yubu island = 由布島 (Yubu-jima).
  • Okinawa prefecture = 沖縄県 (Okinawa-ken).

Any famous hot spring in Okinawa prefecture?

Okinawa prefecture has no famous hot spring. Still, Okinawa lets you relax in the water: you can swim in the sea at beautiful beaches or e.g. in the fresh pool at the bottom of Pinaisara waterfalls on Iriomote island! This is inner Japan :)

ピナイサーラの滝 (Pinaisara waterfalls) above the jungle of 西表島 (Iriomote island, Japan) on 31 October 2008.



  • Hot spring = 温泉 (Onsen).
  • Okinawa prefecture = 沖縄県 (Okinawa-ken), Iriomote island = 西表島 (Iriomote-jima).
  • Pinaisara waterfalls = ピナイサーラの滝 (Pinaisara-no-taki).

Japan’s 47 administrative areas: list and map in English

Japan is administratively divided in 47 complementary areas listed in English below by big region from North-East to South-West:

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Aomori
  3. Iwate
  4. Akita
  5. Miyagi
  6. Yamagata
  7. Fukushima
  8. Ibaraki
  9. Tochigi
  10. Gunma
  11. Chiba
  12. Saitama
  13. Tokyo
  14. Kanagawa
  15. Niigata
  16. Toyama
  17. Ishikawa
  18. Nagano
  19. Gifu
  20. Fukui
  21. Yamanashi
  22. Shizuoka
  23. Aichi
  24. Shiga
  25. Kyoto
  26. Hyogo
  27. Mie
  28. Nara
  29. Osaka
  30. Wakayama
  31. Tottori
  32. Shimane
  33. Okayama
  34. Hiroshima
  35. Yamaguchi
  36. Kagawa
  37. Tokushima
  38. Ehime
  39. Kochi
  40. Fukuoka
  41. Saga
  42. Nagasaki
  43. Oita
  44. Miyazaki
  45. Kumamoto
  46. Kagoshima
  47. Okinawa

Any specialist of Japan should know this basic list and should be able to place the 47 names on an administrative map of Japan. Do not wait if you plan to be an English-speaking tour conductor, tour guide or travel agent in Japan like Sébastien Duval :)

Map of Japan with the names of the prefectures in English. (Public domain via Wikimedia thanks to Tokyoship)

Learn more about Japan – Nihon – Nippon on Inner Japan

Seminar for travel agents in Tokyo: Business School + Tourism in Japan

Today, I enjoyed an active seminar organized in 東京 (Tokyo) at 学校法人トラベルジャーナル学園ホスピタリティツーリズム専門学校 (Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College) to discuss the future of tourism in Japan and of 旅行産業経営塾 (Business School of Travel Industry) with colleagues from diverse Japanese travel agencies. We also celebrated the 80th anniversary of our teacher 山田・學 (YAMADA Manabu). A specialist even flew from 鳥取県 (Tottori prefecture) to attend this seminar!

Details on my Sébastien Duval Website: “BSTi & Japan’s travel industry seminar at Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo)“.

旅行産業経営塾 (Business School of Travel Industry)