List of fine Japanese and foreign acquaintances in Japan worth meeting for everyday life or business.

[DRAFT: Correct statistics and links coming in October 2015]

Visiting or living in Japan, take the time to meet and discuss with Japanese and foreign locals. They usually are kind, helpful, worth meeting, and happy to introduce their culture, techniques, creations, community… especially to respectful interested foreigners; even if unable to speak their language :) Learn about the population to better understand the locals and Japan then find people to meet during your stay in Japan. The Inner Japan team gladly introduces special acquaintances below :)


A 128 million people live in Japan in 2015 due to the 1960s baby boom and high life expectancy {stat M & F} but the population should fall to 88 millions by 2050 notably due to low fertility {stat.} (in spite of explicit fertility festivals) and negligible immigration {stat.}. Elders are numerous {stat}, including ??? centenarians, on the contrary to children {stat}. Cities are quite populated (??? millions in 2015); Tokyo alone hosts ??? millions people in 2015.

Only ??? foreigners live in Japan in 2015 (approximately ???% of the population}, including ??? students mainly from ???. Bases in Tokyo and Okinawa areas host many American soldiers since World War 2. A few people have roots in China, Korea or Brazil {link}; Tokyo’s Asakusa district even holds an annual samba festival! The Christians, Jews and Muslims are in tiny numbers {stats}. The language/cultural barrier is a big obstacle to immigration.

Few Japanese people have really interacted with foreigners abroad or in Japan, and few speak English despite long studies at school. The locals are typically relieved when tourists show proficiency in Japanese :)

The Japanese society is changing: foreign tourists & workers increase {stat}, binational weddings increase {stat}, ABE Shinzo’s governement promotes women’s careers {link}, Tokyo’s Shibuya ward government recognized homosexual weddings {link}, hundreds of thousands of citizens protest in the streets {link}, coffee shops for pregnant women and mothers with young children appear {link panda cafe}…

{clarifying map} ??? people died/disappeared durging the Tohoku disaster of March 2011 (M9 earthquake + 10+m tall tsunami + Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear incident); some survivors left but some moved in local temporary houses. The destruction, lack of manpower and many changes rendered the local economy dire. Please support the Tohoku people by travelling in the safe areas, attending their famous festivals, or buying artisanal products at antenna shops in Tokyo!


You (will) visit Japan? Check people matching your interests:
* DUVAL Sébastien, generic multilingual French travel agent in Tokyo (10+ years in Japan, 12+ years in Asia); great for spiritual tourism.
* {somebody in Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe}
* {ski specialist}
* {bicycle specialist: Okada Shigeru Oz project}
* {ecotourism specialist: the one in Kyoto area speaks English?}
* {plaque d’egouts tour guide specialist}
* {uno tottori}

You (will) live in Japan? Check people matching your needs:
* DUVAL Sébastien, generic multilingual French travel agent and consultant in Tokyo (10+ years in Japan, 12+ years in Asia).
* {somebody in Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe}
* {immigration/move/moving/visa consultant}
* {legal consultant, bengtoshi}
* {multilingual housing/ real estate agent}
* {cooking teacher: yamamoto}
* {Japanese language study teacher: coto}
* {internships organizer: coto}
* {school/academic/university specialist}
* {matchmaking specialist for weddings etc}
* {homestay specialist friend of Okada}
* {vegan/vegetarian specialist}
* {muslim/halal specialist}
* {hiring specialist}
* {business/industry specialist}
* {afj delegate if French}

You (will) do business in/with Japan? Check people depending on your needs and including import/export:
* DUVAL Sebastien, generic multilingual consultant and Japan specialist, French travel agent in Tokyo (10+ years in Japan, 12+ years in Asia).
* {Jason?}
* {Ruth?}
* {a Japanese? Yuhta? Uchiyama?}

In Japan, we also really like:
* Toyokuni Honda
* Haruka Oshima
* David Bull, famous, seen on TV.
* Kawarada (Editory)


See our full list of people (index including people from all continents, skin colours, demographics + kids…) at: {link}

By category, on dedicated pages:
* Artisan: kimono maker, tenno oyotashi, kokuho ningen (see also 2k540 events with artisans from all over Japan), chonko, butsudan builder, nut statue maker, jinja builder, omikoshi maker, incense maker, Fukushima artisan.
* Artist: Toyokuni, gold specialist, David Bull, geisha, mangaka, tattooer, dancer, singer, calligrapher, teenager idol, shamisen specialist, buyo dancer white powder, Kira-san magician, street art guys, kodo taiko group, daikoro.
* Athlete/sportsman/sportswoman: sumo, samurai, ninja, bushi, sword master, jinrikisha driver.
* Businessman-businesswoman + consultant + entrepreneurs + CEO: Kawarada Editory, a promoter of renewable energy, jp businness promoter wrldwide, event organizer
* Cook/chef: sushi/washoku chef, Nashiro, Andy
* Doctor: dentist, medical, bone/knee therapist, masseur Tokyo Dome near, kid specialist.
* Official/politician/public servant: Chiyoda giiin girl, Fukushima mayor
* Actor/actress/performer: storyller, Haruka movie star, av star, dalraiser, cosplayers, kabuki actor, geisha
* Religious person: Buddhist monk, Shinto priest, buddhism specialist.
* Reporter: Fukushima reporter
* Engineer/Researcher/Scientist: robot developper, smart city maker
* Storyteller: DS.
* Teacher: Yamamoto cooking, Coto language head, kid teacher, tea master, origami specialist, zen/zazen teacher, armor specialist, batto/yabusame, incense kodo master, English teacher
* Tourism/Travel specialist: hotel/ryokan staff/head (e.g. Sakura House, Niwa Hotel, Grand Palace), JIS Nakamura, grand palace sato-san, ecoguide, a leader mixing Japanese and foreigners, Eguchi
* Translator/interpreter: DS
* Volunteer: ecologist, guides, Petit Bonheur Hirose-san

By location, on dedicated pages or simple maps:
* Tokyo-to.
* Fukushima-ken.

You do not find what you want? Enter a keyword in the search box below and tell us if that type of person or person is missing to help us improve the list!


Meet new people in Japan at events such as:
* Artisan exhibitions at 2K540 in Tokyo.
* Jason’s “Good People” networking events (and more, great to get new ideas).
* Events listed in the free magazine Metropolis or Time Out or on the online service MeetUp (world cultures, language exchange, parties, interest groups…).
* Binational tours (Yes in Japan…)
* Japanese networking sites: …
* Job/work search/fair: …
* Matchmaking/speed dating to meet men or girls/women in Japan, etc.

You can also go to special places like:
* Byron Bay Cafe in Asakusa Tokyo.

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