Origami-kaikan = International Origami Centre

Exciting cultural centre in Tokyo near Ochanomizu station and Kanda Shrine, the Origami-kaikan promotes origami and Japanese paper since 1858. Nowadays, the Origami-kaikan is also frequently called International Origami Centre.

On the outside walls of its entrance, the Origami-kaikan displays origami creations changing with the seasons and Japanese celebrations. Inside, on the first floor, the International Origami Centre features a small exhibition of paper creations: origami, paper dolls, silk screens… On the second floor, you can see impressive free exhibitions changing every month or so (we saw paper animals in April 2015). On the third floor, you can buy washi traditional Japanese paper, silk screens, origami paper sets, books to learn/practice origami, display boards, and tools used in origami e.g. wooden knives used to flatten the paper nicely after folding. The director of the Origami-kaikan often makes demonstrations in Japanese language there; he is very impressive. On the fourth floor, you can enter the workshop where Japanese staff paints and creates diverse patterns on the paper; unfortunately, you need an interpreter here if you do not speak Japanese yourself.

Origami lessons in English language are rare. Contact Sébastien Duval to learn more if needed.

See more information, a map and photos on Yes in Japan: http://yesinjapan.com/?p=1935

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